The Practice of Compassion

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 The source of internal and external peace

The Dalai Lama uses the term "the ethic of compassion." How does compassion affect ethical action?

Compassion is not a mere luxury. As the source both of inner and external peace, it is fundamental to the continued survival of our species. On the one hand, it constitutes non- violence in action. On the other, it is the source of all spiritual qualities: of forgiveness, tolerance, and all the virtues. Ethics for the New Millennium

We often ascribe values to factors that in and of themselves do not benefit our own or others well-being. Wealth, education, fame, and power are not necessarily constructive. It is loving compassion that brings meaning to our accomplishments.

Compassion is ethics.

Compassion is ethics. Reaching beyond the confines of narrow self-interest, destroying  the notion of my interest as independent from others' interest, our life becomes ethical. Through love, through kindness, through compassion we establish unity and harmony between ourselves and others. Ethics for the New Millennium

A sublime quality

The world's major religious traditions each give the development of compassion a key role — because it is both the source and the result of patience, tolerance, forgiveness, and all good qualities.

For my own part, the mere ability we human beings have to sing the praises of love and compassion is a most precious gift.